Strong Men Strong Marriages

How To Overcome Disconnection In Marriage

September 26, 2022 Mike Frazier, MD Episode 128
Strong Men Strong Marriages
How To Overcome Disconnection In Marriage
Show Notes

My wife and I are experiencing some disconnection right now.

This happens at times in any marriage.

But, what do you do to overcome it?

Step 1 - Express your feelings, even when it might upset the other person. This isn’t just losing your temper, but explaining what you’re frustrated about. This requires spiritual, mental,  and emotional strength.

Step 2 - Figure out what you actually want from the other person. This requires thought and effort.

Step 3 - Ask for what you want. This requires courage and communication skills. 

Step 4 - Listen to what your wife wants. This requires mental and emotional strength and communication skills.

Step 5 - Follow through on what you commit to do for your wife. This requires integrity.

Finally, have faith that as you do good, good will come. This is the strategy my wife and I have used many times to overcome times of disconnection, and it’s what will work again this time.

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Dr. Mike

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