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How To Stop Walking On Eggshells Around Your Wife

October 25, 2022 Mike Frazier, MD Episode 133
Strong Men Strong Marriages
How To Stop Walking On Eggshells Around Your Wife
Show Notes

I used to feel like I couldn’t speak my mind around my wife.

I was worried that she might get upset with me. Or that she might not agree and we would never reach an agreement. This spanned across all the major issues in marriage for us. Money, sex, in-laws, parenting, religion, housework and how we spent our time.

I would say “well, I guess I’m sacrificing for my wife,” then resent the “sacrifices” I was making.

For various reasons, men often feel they can’t speak their minds around their wife. And it gets even worse if they have done something truly wrong, like been unfaithful.

But, here’s the truth.

Walking on eggshells, is, at its core, lying to your wife.

You’re hiding what you are truly thinking and feeling.

And because of that, you can’t have trust, real communication, or deep intimacy.

To stop walking on eggshells, you really need to commit to one thing:

  1. Doing what you believe is right and good, even if your wife doesn’t agree or like it

This is called having courage, or strength, or in a more vulgar expression, balls. It’s called having balls because it is masculine and courageous to do what’s right when others don’t agree. And, while your wife may not like it at first, she will respect it later.

To do what you believe is right and good even if your wife doesn’t agree or like it, it requires that you believe a few things:

  1. Your opinion is just as important as your wife’s
  2. She’s in charge or her emotions, not you

You also need to develop communication skills so that you can ask for what you want clearly and effectively. 

You need to know how to understand her perspective, express yours, and get to win-wins.

And, you need to figure out what you’ll do if those requests are not granted.

These are the skills required to stop walking on eggshells and create a marriage of trust, communication and intimacy.

Learn about them in today’s episode.

Watch on YouTube here.

Dr. Mike

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