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How To Be A Loved And Respected Leader In Your Christian Home

January 17, 2023 Mike Frazier, MD Episode 145
Strong Men Strong Marriages
How To Be A Loved And Respected Leader In Your Christian Home
Show Notes

Right now, you’re struggling to find love and respect at home.

And it’s frustrating, because people at work and church do seem to give you respect. Maybe even love.

They value your opinions. They appreciate what you do. They listen to you.

But at home, your wife doesn’t do the same.

You try to make her happy. You cook. You clean. You make the money for the family.

But, it never seems to be enough. She doesn’t like how you do things. Or, she wants you do to more.

And it doesn’t lead to the mental, emotional or physical intimacy that you want.

This can be VERY frustrating.

And, it can lead to you getting upset and “laying down the law.”

You hope that will get you respect. And maybe it does. For a little while. While she’s afraid of your emotional outburst.

But then, it’s back to the same old problems. And you’re not enjoying mental, emotional or physical intimacy with your wife.

Learn what to do in today’s episode to become a truly loved and respected leader in your home.

You’ll learn:

-The 3 different types of leader… and why two of them will never get you love and respect

-How to break out of the negative leadership patterns

-How to become the type of leader who is loved and respected… while living true to Christian values

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Dr. Mike

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