Strong Men Strong Marriages

When Your Wife Doesn't Want Physical Touch

January 24, 2023 Mike Frazier, MD Episode 146
Strong Men Strong Marriages
When Your Wife Doesn't Want Physical Touch
Show Notes

If your wife is asking for space, turning away from your kisses, avoiding your hugs, and saying “no” to sex…

It can be VERY frustrating.

Especially if you feel like you’re doing “all the right things.” Helping with cooking, cleaning, paying the bills, leading in prayer or scriptures. Can’t she do this ONE thing for you, after all you do for her?

It’s easy to get sad in this situation. And resentful. To pull away from her completely. To become passive aggressive.

It’s even common to turn to pornography. Some men even turn to other women for a physical connection.

Then, they feel guilty. And maybe they try to “make it up” to her. But it still doesn’t result in a good physical connection.

In today’s episode, we’ll discover:

-Why your wife doesn’t want physical touch (It might not be you. It might be past trauma or “touch overload” from the kids)

-If it IS you, why she isn’t interested in physical touch

You haven’t built the 3 Pillars Of A Passionate Marriage. Trust, communication and intimacy.

Trust. She needs to feel like you’re a man of your word in all things. That you can manage your own thoughts and emotions. That you won’t lose your temper or act mopey if she says “no” to touch. That you’re not using her physically or emotionally through sex and physical touch. This lets her say “I feel completely safe with my husband.”

Communication. She needs to say “I feel so heard and understood by my husband.” You need to be able to get to win-win agreements on money, sex, in-laws, parenting, religion and time. You now feel like best friends and teammates in life. You have mental and emotional intimacy.

Intimacy. Once you have safety and mental and emotional intimacy, you can add in the fun, flirting and passion that bring physical intimacy. The type you BOTH enjoy and look forward to.

Learn more in today’s episode.

Dr. Mike

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