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You Can Expect Your Wife To Be As Honest As You Are

September 21, 2023 Mike Frazier, MD Episode 204
Strong Men Strong Marriages
You Can Expect Your Wife To Be As Honest As You Are
Show Notes

A long time ago, a mentor of mine had me make a list of all the qualities I wanted in a wife.

I listed things like beautiful, honest, intelligent, connected to God, a hard worker, great with kids, and an expert cook.

He complimented my list, and I thought my job was to go find this girl.

But, he told me that if I wanted a girl like that, I had to be a guy like that.

When it comes to anything you want your wife to be… 

You can only expect her to be as good as you.

So, if you want her to be completely honest with you… you’ll need to be completely honest with her.

Honesty is the price of an intimate marriage. Telling the truth even and especially when it’s hard. That’s what lets you be known in the marriage and creates the deep connection and passion that you desire. With some bumps first. But that conflict is what creates real connection.

Dr. Mike

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