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How To Feel Emotions Without Causing Problems

February 27, 2024 Mike Frazier, MD Episode 251
Strong Men Strong Marriages
How To Feel Emotions Without Causing Problems
Show Notes

I used to be afraid of emotions. And really, I still am a little.

From what I saw, when people got overly angry, they broke things or hurt people.

If they got overly sad, they got depressed or even suicidal.

If they got anxious, they froze and didn’t accomplish anything.

I certainly didn’t want to do this, and so I took the approach of trying to “turn down the volume” on my emotions.

Unfortunately, this has kept me from really experiencing emotion myself, connecting with others, and has resulted in my having a short fuse at times and not much empathy for others.

While I still worry about emotions getting “too big,” what I learned and will share with you makes me a lot less scared of that.

Luckily, I recently learned that you can FEEL an intense emotion…

Without doing something that causes problems for you or others.

Learn how in today’s episode. This one is a little more personal.

Watch on YouTube here. 

Dr. Mike

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