Strong Men Strong Marriages

Why "Being One" In Marriage Is A Problem

April 27, 2021 Mike Frazier, MD Episode 55
Strong Men Strong Marriages
Why "Being One" In Marriage Is A Problem
Show Notes

The movies, church, and society teach us to “be one” in a marriage.

But, we often misunderstand what this means.

We become TOO blended with our wife.

We become overly focused on “making her happy” and winning her approval (attention, appreciation and affection).

A good marriage is like a good meal.

Pasta and shrimp taste GREAT together.

But if you put them in a blender and drink it…

It doesn’t taste that great any more.

Learn how to be TOGETHER in your marriage WITHOUT becoming overly blended in this episode.

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-We become overly blended when our wife’s opinion becomes TOO important to us

-Or when we seek TOO much for her approval (attention, appreciation, affection, sex)

-Instead, we need to be our OWN man

-AND learn how to work together with our wife

-In ways that work for BOTH of us

-You need the skills of confidence, communication, collaboration and intimacy to make that happen

-You can learn ALL those skills in Marriage Basic Training

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Dr. Mike

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