Strong Men Strong Marriages

How To Sell Your Wife On The New You

May 11, 2021 Mike Frazier, MD Episode 57
Strong Men Strong Marriages
How To Sell Your Wife On The New You
Show Notes

You want to show your wife you’re changing.

But you’re going about it all wrong.

It’s not about maximizing the good and minimizing the bad.

It’s not about making the “pros” outweigh the “cons.”

It’s about DIAGNOSING your problems and TREATING them.

It’s about being BRUTALLY HONEST about your shortcomings to yourself and your wife.

ONLY then can she start to trust you…

And have ANY belief or hope that things can change.

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-Which used car salesman do you trust more? The one who minimizes all the car defects, or the one who brings them to your attention… including the ones you didn’t notice yourself?

-If you’re just about proving you’re a good choice, you’re showing you don’t really care about your wife. You just want to “make the sale.”

-Instead, get CLEAR on your faults and why you are NOT a good choice for her

-Then go about fixing them

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Dr. Mike

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