Strong Men Strong Marriages

The Nice Guy, The Bad Boy and The Strong Man

June 08, 2021 Mike Frazier, MD Episode 61
Strong Men Strong Marriages
The Nice Guy, The Bad Boy and The Strong Man
Show Notes

In the book "The Noble Art of Seducing Women" by Kezia Noble, she identifies 3 types of men.

The nice guy.

The bad boy.

And the good man.

For us, we'll call the third the Strong Man.

These same guys show up in marriages.

The nice guy puts his wife above himself in ALL ways, hoping that someday she will return the favor with attention, appreciation and affection (sex).

The nice guy gets walked on. And hopes someday he will be appreciated for it.

The bad boy puts himself first in ALL ways. He knows what he wants, and he does what he wants. His wife or girlfriend doesn’t matter that much.

The bad boy walks on his wife. It’s his way or the highway.

The strong man, on the other hand, puts what he wants EQUALLY to what his wife wants. He works for solutions that are wins for BOTH him AND his wife.

The strong man walks TOGETHER with his wife, in a marriage that feels amazing to both of them.

Learn more about these three men, and how to become the strong man, in this episode.

Dr. Mike

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