Strong Men Strong Marriages

How To Think About Sex

June 29, 2021 Mike Frazier, MD Episode 64
Strong Men Strong Marriages
How To Think About Sex
Show Notes

As a man, you think about sex a lot.

But, the WAY you’re thinking about it is causing problems.

Often men think that they can “earn” sex from their wife.

They try to earn sex “helping out” around the house. Cooking, cleaning, taking care of kids.

They try to earn sex by doing the love languages. Spending time with her, saying nice things to her, buying her gifts.

Basically, they try to create a sort of “debt” for their wife.

They think “I’ve done so much for you, now you should  have sex with me.”

This sense of OBLIGATION is COMMON… but NOT attractive.

Your wife might have sex with you out of obligation…

But it’s not the passionate, connected sex you want.

Learn what to do instead in today’s episode.

So you can bring FUN, FLIRTING and PASSION to your marriage…

And make sex something that you BOTH look forward to.

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Dr. Mike

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