Strong Men Strong Marriages

How To Stop Acting Like A Baby

October 26, 2021 Mike Frazier, MD Episode 81
Strong Men Strong Marriages
How To Stop Acting Like A Baby
Show Notes

Men come to me in very difficult situations.

They are in a separation or in the divorce process.

Their wife has been unfaithful to them.

They have been unfaithful to their wife and feel terrible about it.

These are MAJOR issues and VERY difficult.

They are the equivalent of being hit by an emotional bus.

And when this happens, we ARE in a younger emotional state.

In a way, we are babies.

But how do high achieving men respond?

They tell themselves to “just deal with it.”

They “just keep moving forward.”

But unfortunately, by not acknowledging and taking care of the “baby…”

They start acting in negative and self-destructive ways…

And become MORE reliant on others to care for them emotionally.

Learn how to respond APPROPRIATELY to your emotional “baby” when hard things happen…

So you can trust yourself and become LESS reliant on others to care for you.

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Dr. Mike

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