Strong Men Strong Marriages


January 04, 2022 Mike Frazier, MD Episode 91
Strong Men Strong Marriages
Show Notes

I’ve been sick in bed with COVID all this week, so today I’m going to refer you to a different podcast.

The Joe Rogan Experience - #1747 - Dr. Peter A McCullough 

Dr. McCullough is a renowned physician and has testified in congress regarding COVID treatment.

In this episode, you’ll hear Dr. McCullough’s concern about the glaring lack of treatment for COVID-19.

You’ll also hear why he believes masks don’t really make sense, and how you can not get COVID twice.

His solution to beat the pandemic is focusing on natural immunity and treatment for the virus to avoid hospitalization and death.

If you want to hear me say basically this in a sick voice, 

Watch on YouTube here.

Dr. Mike

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