Strong Men Strong Marriages

How To Be Vulnerable (Courageous) With Your Wife

May 17, 2022 Mike Frazier, MD Episode 110
Strong Men Strong Marriages
How To Be Vulnerable (Courageous) With Your Wife
Show Notes

What is vulnerability?

The dictionary describes it as being easily hurt, influenced or attacked.

That doesn’t sound very sexy.

But, Brene Brown and others have redefined vulnerability in a way that IS attractive.

That is being courageous enough to risk emotional exposure.

This week was a hard week for me, and I exposed myself (emotionally) to my wife at a deeper level than I ever have.

It took courage, but resulted in more intimacy, more commitment, and a lot of growth from me.

Learn the right and wrong ways to be vulnerable with your wife…

In today’s episode.

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Dr. Mike

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