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Strong Men Strong Marriages

Mike Frazier, MD

Helping high achieving Christian men have more intimate marriages. Start with episodes 1-4 for an introduction. Traditional marriage counseling, couples therapy, couples counseling and even Christian marriage counseling will tell you that a good marriage is based on compromise. Validating feelings. Sacrifice. I tried that for years. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. That’s why most couples who go through marriage counseling are the same or worse off after. BUT, in my studies in neuroscience at BYU, MD training at UCLA, psychiatry residency, marriage coach training, and most importantly in my own marriage, I finally found what DOES work. Building strength. Spiritual, mental, emotional and sexual strength, while anchored in following Christian marriage principles. Strength is attractive. And, it feels great. As I applied this to my own marriage, I felt better than ever and had more connection and passion than I thought possible. I started teaching this to other men and couples and they were able to create mental, emotional and sexual intimacy faster than they thought possible. This even works for affair recovery and emotional affairs. Now it’s your turn. Get strong. Get attractive. Get the marriage of your dreams.
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