Strong Men Strong Marriages

Meet My Wonderful Wife

September 06, 2022 Mike Frazier, MD Episode 126
Strong Men Strong Marriages
Meet My Wonderful Wife
Show Notes

This is LONG overdue, but today you get to meet my wonderful wife Elizabeth!

We had the chance to be interviewed by Chris and Suzanne Vester from the Faith. Family. Fulfillment podcast.

Today you’ll hear from both of us about:

-The negative patterns we had in our marriage

-What it took to finally recognize them

-What we did to overcome them

-Her experience of me as a husband

-How my owning my negatives changed our marriage for the better

You’ll get a sense of just how amazing she is, and you will definitely be hearing more from her in the future on the podcast.

Hear the full interview on today’s podcast on Strong Men Strong Marriages.

Watch on YouTube here.

Dr. Mike

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