Strong Men Strong Marriages

How To Get More Appreciation From Your Wife

November 29, 2022 Mike Frazier, MD Episode 138
Strong Men Strong Marriages
How To Get More Appreciation From Your Wife
Show Notes

Do you wish that your wife would appreciate you more?

Are you making the money for the family, taking a large amount of child care duties, cooking and cleaning…

But your wife doesn’t appreciate all you’re doing? Or does she even become critical of the things you’re doing? Does she ask you do to even more, or give you negative feedback for the way you’re washing the dishes (or whatever the task might be)?

This can be very frustrating. Why can’t she just see the good things you’re doing? Everyone else seems to be able to. You might even say things like “Why can’t you once in a while tell me the good things I’m doing!?”

Unfortunately, this mindset will not help you get the appreciation you’re looking for.

It’s part of the mosquito cycle. You’re doing nice things, but hoping for appreciation from her. When you don’t get it, you get upset. Then, you feel bad about getting upset and start doing nice things again.

Instead of following this cycle, find the spiritual, mental and emotional strength to:

-Appreciate and value yourself

-Share appreciation

-Ask for appreciation in a productive way by saying something like “I’m wanting to be a better husband. What am I doing now that you like?” And, if you’re emotionally strong enough, then ask for some positive feedback.

Learn more about how to do this on today’s episode.

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Dr. Mike

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