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How To “Give Your Wife Space” Effectively

December 20, 2022 Mike Frazier, MD Episode 141
Strong Men Strong Marriages
How To “Give Your Wife Space” Effectively
Show Notes

Your wife is saying “I just need some space.”

This is a hard thing to hear. You’re feeling hurt and scared. Angry too. Especially around Christmas and the holidays.

So, you try to tell her why space is a bad idea. That you can’t grow if you have space apart.

Which makes her tell you even more than she needs space.

Or, you decide to have no contact with her at all. This is better then trying to talk her out of space. But it also doesn’t plant any seeds for a good relationship to grow.

Instead, focus on giving her space effectively.

The best ways to do this are:

  1. Create a “safe space” in the house or somewhere else. This is a place where she knows you will not intrude on her physically or mentally. This allows her to have the time to process her own emotions, relax, and feel safe.
  2. Encourage her to have time with her friends, family and therapy if she wants
  3. Take care of yourself and build up your strength mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically
  4. Focus on what you CAN control (your own thoughts, feelings and actions) instead of what you CAN NOT control (her thoughts, feelings and actions)
  5. Be patient. She wants space because you’ve planted “bad seeds” for years. In your mind, you need to have at least a year of planting consistent “good seeds” to get a good harvest.

In today’s episode, you’ll also learn the main reasons she asks for space, and how to plant the “good seeds” that will result in a “good harvest” of connection and her WANTING to spend time with you down the road.

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Dr. Mike

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