Strong Men Strong Marriages

When You Feel Like Giving Up On Your Marriage

December 27, 2022 Mike Frazier, MD Episode 142
Strong Men Strong Marriages
When You Feel Like Giving Up On Your Marriage
Show Notes

Sometimes marriage just seems too hard. At least to your wife.

You feel like whatever you do, it just doesn’t make a difference. Your wife won’t change.

You start to think life would be better with someone else.

But, you also don’t want to hurt your kids or go against your faith and get divorced.

This leads to you feeling trapped. You want to leave the marriage, but feel like you can’t.

That feeling is terrible, and it is also very unattractive. So basically, you’re staying in the marriage but feeling awful and repelling your wife.

Here’s what to do instead:

  1. Give yourself the option to leave, but count the cost
  2. Realize that you are part of the problem and that you will create the same issues in your next relationship if you don’t fix them
  3. Give yourself a time frame to build up your spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and sexual strength and your trust, communication and intimacy skills while still in the marriage. I recommend a year.
  4. At the end of the year, determined if you will continue the marriage or not

You attract people to you who are at your same level of spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and sexual strength. If you are a low level, you will attract someone at a low level.

You create a great relationship through trust, communication and intimacy. You will need trust and communication as a co-parent to your kids if you get divorced. And hopefully, as you built trust and mental and emotional intimacy through communication, you can also build sexual intimacy.

But if not, you will be able to get to win-win agreements with your wife and be a great example for your kids.

So, commit to building your strength and skill in the new year. There’s no downside to becoming a better, stronger, more Christ-like man.

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Dr. Mike

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