Strong Men Strong Marriages

How To Stop Taking 2 Steps Forward And 3 Steps Back

February 07, 2023 Mike Frazier, MD Episode 148
Strong Men Strong Marriages
How To Stop Taking 2 Steps Forward And 3 Steps Back
Show Notes

You make some good strides. You stop being a mosquito. You handle your wife’s rejection of physical touch well. You control your temper.

For a few days. Or maybe even weeks.

But then, you fall back into the same old patterns. You feel bad. Your wife loses trust. And you feel stuck. Or maybe even like giving up.

But, there’s a reason this happens. It’s just how your brain works.

And, there’s a way to interrupt this negative pattern…

And create a new one…

So that you avoid setbacks and continue on a path of growth towards mental, emotional and sexual intimacy with your wife.

Learn how to avoid setbacks and continue to grow your intimacy on today’s episode.

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Dr. Mike

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