Strong Men Strong Marriages

Being Liked Vs Being Respected

February 21, 2023 Mike Frazier, MD Episode 150
Strong Men Strong Marriages
Being Liked Vs Being Respected
Show Notes

You want your wife to like you. You want her to give you attention, appreciation, affection and sex.

And, the way you go about that is to try to “make her happy.” You cook. You clean. You help with the kids.

But, it doesn’t result in the attraction that you want. She doesn’t seem to respect you. And you end up feeling like you’re losing in your marriage.

Here’s the thing. The root of trying to be “liked” is that you don’t have enough self worth, self esteem or self respect.

You’re trying to “fill yourself up” from the outside. And while that works in some places, like work or church, it doesn’t work in your marriage.

Learn today how you can gain the respect for yourself that will let you finally feel like you’re winning in your marriage.

By freeing you from the need to be liked.

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Dr. Mike

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