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How To Forgive Yourself

March 21, 2023 Mike Frazier, MD Episode 155
Strong Men Strong Marriages
How To Forgive Yourself
Show Notes

You’ve made mistakes in your marriage. 

Whether those are “mosquito” mistakes, like doing “nice things” for your wife, expecting, attention, appreciation and affection back, getting frustrated when you don’t get it, then exploding in anger or escaping into pornography or other things…

Or more serious mistakes like pornography or infidelity.

And, it can be tough to forgive yourself for those mistakes.

You tend to swing between beating yourself up about them (“I’m the worst. How could I do this to my wife? What kind of example is this to my kids?”)...

And saying “Let’s just forget about it and move forward.”

And your wife is caught in the crossfire of these swings. If she says “I forgive you,” you tell her that you’ve done too much wrong. If she brings up the past, you say “Let’s just move past this.”

There’s a better way. Learn what it is in today’s episode.

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Dr. Mike

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