Strong Men Strong Marriages

How To Feel Good Enough

December 14, 2021 Mike Frazier, MD Episode 88
Strong Men Strong Marriages
How To Feel Good Enough
Show Notes

When I ran track in middle school, my coach told me…

“Imagine there’s a big dog chasing you.”

That DID motivate me to run faster (especially since I had been attacked by a dog a few years earlier).

For high achieving men, the “dog” motivating them to “run faster” is often the feeling of not being good enough.

They reach for higher and higher levels of financial and professional success, hoping to finally feel they have “arrived.”

And this strategy DOES work to achieve high levels of financial and other success (though it eventually gets frustrating).

But it fails MISERABLY in marriage.

You try everything you can to “make your wife happy…”

But that’s not your REAL motivation.

You’re doing nice things for her so that she can give you attention, appreciation and affection.

So you can finally feel like a strong, sexually attractive man.

In other words, you are USING her to feel good about YOURSELF.

And that is EXTREMELY unattractive.

Learn the solution to all of this in today’s episode.

How to get rid of the dog, but still be motivated to be the type of man you were meant to be.

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Dr. Mike

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